Wineries Near Me

In this age of digital communication, you may have friends all around the world who love going out on the weekend for a glass of wine. Visiting wineries and trying new taste sensations is tons of fun, but if the whole crew cannot get together, you miss out on part of the experience. With the GYDO app, you and your friends can buy each other drinks even if you are not at the same wine tasting event, bar, or other venue.

What Is GYDO?

GYDO stands for Get Your Drink On, and it is a great way to bond with others over a glass of wine even if you cannot get together in person. It gives you a simple way to connect with friends, send drinks to others all around the world, ask for drinks for yourself, and even send a digital gift card to local wineries near me.

Why Send a Glass of Wine Digitally?

Distance, different schedules, or social isolation have all changed how frequently people visit wineries together. If you want to stay in contact even though you had to stay at home, the Get Your Drink On app gives you the perfect opportunity to say, “The next glass is on me.”

There are hundreds of reasons why a drinks app works today. Some of these options include:

Will GYDO Work at Wineries Near Me?

With over 5000 venues in the USA alone, we are sure you can find your perfect winery nearby. Our partnership with Apple and Google Pay ensures that you can use GYDO at any venue accepting Apple or Google Pay. Pretty cool huh? 

An ever-increasing number of wineries and other beverage serving companies are using the Get Your Drink On app to increase potential revenue and add some extra value for customers. If you wonder how to find wineries near me that allow purchases through the app, the convenient on-board search engine and maps makes it simple.

When someone sends you a drink through this fun app, all you have to do is download your drinks voucher and we create a digital credit card which can be used at almost any venue. No hassle, no change, no fuss! . No annoying explanations, credit cards, or communication needed. It works just as easily if you crowdfund a drink and multiple friends chip in to buy your next glass or bottle.

Some say the world is getting larger all the time while others point to digital connectivity as a way to make it smaller. Before the development of an app like GYDO, there is no way to send a drink to a friend, family member, or coworker unless you were at the same winery with them. Today, with the help of this user-friendly option, you can buy a friend a drink no matter where you or they are in the world.


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