Square Contactless Ordering with GYDO Get Your Drink On

Imagine this,

Think about your childhood friend- the same one you started going to school with and graduated from college on the same day.

You went ahead and started beautiful families together and were each other’s best men or bridesmaids. The same goes on as you become the godfather/godmother to each other’s firstborns.

It is all beautiful until one of you gets a posh job offering in a city far away from where you both conquered your earlier years.

Yes, it must happen. You part ways with the promise of seeing each other more often and swear by crossing your hearts never to miss each other’s wedding anniversaries or your children’s birthdays.

Days pass until the days come and reality hits you- it is not every day that you will have the time or budget to meet and catch up, especially at your favorite bar with drinks on the table.

You feel ruined, and so does your relationship. Fading love fills the air around you as feelings of sadness and letting those you love down taking over.
But wait, how long can this go on? A solution is here that will spin your lives on their heads.

What is GYDO

First things first, GYDO stands for Get Your Drink On.

It is one of its kind software that helps you buy drinks with zero cash handling and now with zero contact- right from ordering drinks to payment. The world is going digital and so is buying drinks at your nearest bar.

GYDO is more than buying a drink at your local bar. The mobile app is created to offer seamless drink-buying with zero contact. Now that we are reeling from the chains of a global pandemic, going contactless is widely vouched for.

How does GYDO work?

You see, whenever you want to buy a drink, you will either use cash or a credit card. You walk into a bar or restaurant, place your order, and wait for your drink to be fulfilled. Well, GYDO smoothens the process.

The contactless drink-buying app is connected to different payment options which include, Zapper, Gpay, Snapscan, stripe and now Square contactless. All you need is to download the app from your device’s store to enjoy the convenience.

What follows next is ABC simple. The app has an easy to use interface that incorporates different drinking locations in your neighborhood. After clicking on your favorite, you will then select your table and place your order from the menu displayed on the app.

And just like that, you can order and pay for your drinks with zero contact. Noticeably, the app gives users a text section where they can add special instructions for their order. Think about whether you may need more ice for the beer.

How GYDO helps connect you with those you love

The contactless payment system by GYDO is helping people connect in many ways as it offers flexible functionality. For one, you can connect with your friends on the app and gift them drinks at their local bar.

But you can mail the drinks directly to them, right?

Yes, of course. But what about the craft beer or boutique wine that is only limited to where they stay? Also, you can take advantage of the local beer offers.

With GYDO, you can join a party from miles away. How? Pay for drinks for your friends’ parties happening a city away.

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