Supporting Local Business

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In recent years, growing numbers of people are choosing to support local businesses over large chain retailers. spending your money at a small independent means that your money means a lot more to the community you are supporting and the people who work and own those businesses.

Large chains won’t really miss your money if you choose to get your coffee somewhere else. The same applies to chain restaurants, where your Friday night beer is just a drop in a very large barrel. Buy that same beer from a local brewer and you’re helping to support a whole community. That kind of spending really makes a difference.

Keeping money in the local economy helps to boost your community. The money you spend actually changes lives in the neighborhood around you.

Now, more than ever, supporting local business is important. Many small businesses are pushed to their limits by the pandemic. Business owners have done what they can to keep their hard work from going to waste. As a consumer, you can be the one that makes a difference to business success, and you can keep members of your community employed too.

How to support local business

Think about where you’re buying things from. If you spent the money you’re planning to spend, how much of a difference would it make?

Do you feel like your money is helping to buy a child’s birthday present? Is it paying for a man’s essential medication, or for the meal that he serves in an evening? Or, is your money being handed up a chain to someone that’s already got enough?

It couldn’t be easier to download GYDO and give the gift of craft beer. For your friend, redeeming their gift is as easy as showing a using their digital gift card that’ll be stored in their Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet. Now, your money’s with a local business and is putting someone’s kid through college!

Stepping up

How GYDO supports small business

GYDO’s mission is to support independent breweries, wineries and tasting rooms. These are the small businesses that you can make an effort to support.

Supporting local business is as easy as thinking more about where your money goes. Is the business owner a faceless business giant, or someone you might see in the park?


When you buy a drink as a gift, your money will go to a small business that really appreciates your spending. You might also introduce your friend to somewhere new to drink, making a long-term difference.

As the world has faced lockdowns, it’s the small business that’s stepped up and made the big difference. Local companies, offering local deliveries, have helped us stay sane and well-fed. Many small businesses have changed their business plans to keep serving their local communities, often investing their time and money in a total change of direction.

It takes a lot to keep a small business running. Studies have shown that only about half of all businesses survive to see the end of their fifth year. Small business owners are passionate and hard-working, but without your support it’s not enough.

In a year when we’ve been told to be kind, and when good mental health is more important than ever, you really can make an amazing difference just by supporting local business. Maybe, for you, that means Downloading GYDO and buying a drink for a friend.

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