Why Wine is a Fantastic Gift

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Will they want a pair of socks? Is that their favorite type of novel? Do they even enjoy baking at all?

Buying a gift for someone you know can feel like an impossible task. Then, there are people you don’t know too well but still want to buy something for. It’s no wonder gift buying makes some people anxious and leaves them confused and feeling lost!

It’s really hard to find the perfect gift, and it always seems like there’s a birthday or event looming on the horizon. 

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Thankfully, the answer to all of your problems is the gift of wine. So sit back, relax, and find out why wine is the best gift to buy.

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Universally loved

It’s a simple fact that most adults like wine, and that wine isn’t too personal. If you’ve got a friend to buy a gift for, you can’t really go wrong with wine. But, wine is an equally great gift for people you don’t know all that well.

Do you need a gift for a distant cousin that you only see once a year? A gift for a client or coworker? A gift for your next-door neighbor? Wine gifts just work, for people you know very well and for people you don’t.

Within budget

Buying a gift on a budget can be a bit of a challenge. You don’t want to look too cheap, but don’t want to spend too much either. A gift card for an online retailer or a department store feels a little empty. But buying someone a drink? That’s a genuine gesture.

Wine gifts avoid all the budgeting problems, because wine doesn’t need to be expensive. One glass of wine isn’t going to break the bank. When someone receives a wine gift, they don’t scrutinize the exact vintage and make judgments about how much it cost. On any budget, wine is a gift that goes down well. Buying wine with the GYDO app can be cheaper than buying a gift card, but it always seems so much more valuable.

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More than a drink

When you buy someone a glass of wine or a bottle with the GYDO app, they’ll visit a venue to collect it. They can then take that bottle home and enjoy it at their leisure, or they can enjoy the night out that comes with spending time in the local bar.

What’s better than telling someone that you want to celebrate with them? You’ve bought them a drink through the GYDO app, and you’d love to be with them when they claim it. This isn’t just a drink, but the gift of friendship and time. With GYDO it’s easy to enhance wine gifts with a few simple words:

‘I’d love to get together to celebrate with you – and the first drink’s on me!’

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Quick and easy

It’s never too hard to find a bottle of wine, so you won’t be searching for hours. Wine’s a great last-minute gift, perfect when you’re short on time. And don’t worry if you’re not an expert on their preferred bottle. If you’re searching for a last-minute gift, just send them $20 on the GYDO app and let them choose their own. You’re guaranteeing they’ll love their gift.

With the GYDO app, you don’t even need to visit your nearest supermarket. Pay for wine online and send a code straight to the recipient’s device. With the GYDO app, giving the gift of wine just got even faster.

Download the GYDO app today, for wine gifts that can’t go wrong.

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