Have you ever wanted to buy your friend a drink, to celebrate something exciting… but you no longer live in the same town?

This is why we created GYDO 

We live in a hyper connected world. Our tribe is global. Thanks to social media, they are just a click away. But sometimes we want to do more than just “react” or give a “Thumbs Up.”

Sometimes we want to give our friends a gift they will truly enjoy. We may not be able to be there physically, but with GYDO you can still join the celebration by giving your friend a drink at their favorite bar. 

Download the GYDO App today and buy your friend a drink, from anywhere in the world.

Give your friends a gift they will truly appreciate!

What is GYDO?

GYDO is a mobile application designed to disrupt the drinks industry by connecting breweries and wineries with a global audience of consumers.

Redefining Social

Socialize with your friends anywhere in the world. Buy each other drinks, tag your friends, send a friend a birthday drink, and create a social buzz with GYDO.


Make New Friends

Meet people around the globe who share your passion for craft beer and boutique wines. Crowd Fund someone’s much needed drink. 


With GYDO now you can buy your friends a drink at participating venues, worldwide.

GYDO is novel way to gift a friend a drink for any occasion. Birthdays. Anniversaries. Graduations. Father’s Day. Mother’s Day. Any day of the week. 

Rethink Your Drink

Buy yourself a drink – earn loyalty rewards (free drinks).

Gift a friend a drink at any participating brewery or winery.

Redeem a drink with just one click.

Take advantage of local offers

Pay it forward and crowdfund a drink for a friend or stranger. 

Meet the GYDO Team

Swarit Jajal
Co-Founder, CEO & Marketing Director

Rachel H. van Gorp
Co-Founder, Design & Operations Director

Ryan Williams
Co-Founder, CTO & Payment Solutions

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