What’s the Difference Between Craft Beer and Regular Beer?

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How is your beer knowledge? Do you know the basics, or just want a pint of whatever the bartender offers?

Many people don’t know the difference between craft beer and mass-produced  beer. If you don’t, you could be missing out on one of life’s simple great pleasures.

What is a regular beer?

Mass produced beer is usually made in large factories, then shipped to every corner of the world. It’s an everyday beverage, widely available and priced low for drinks after work. It tastes the same, every time.

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What is craft beer?

Craft beer is something special. It’s an art form. Usually produced on a smaller scale and by passionate independent brewers, craft beer is often far richer in flavor, experimental, more inventive and might have a higher alcohol content.

If you want to class yourself as a real beer drinker, you need to have tried several craft beers. You’ll really taste the difference, and your supermarket favorite isn’t likely to seem the same again!

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What’s the difference?

Regular beer is made for the mass market, with a recipe that never changes. Every pint is exactly the same, made by fast-working machines. When you’re shifting billions of pints every year, there’s no room for experimentation.

Craft beer is usually made in one-off much smaller batches, or by the barrel for a more discerning audience. The flavors are more nuanced, the recipes developed with much more attention and care. There’s effort behind a craft beer, and you can tell from the moment you start drinking.

Craft beers are often produced by smaller family businesses. Skills and knowledge keep the craft of beer production alive. The brewers are passionate, using their knowledge and more than just a dash of creativity.

With craft beer you get more variety. Whilst most regular beers taste very similar, the same isn’t true for craft beers. Each craft beer tastes different, and each is a flavor sensation that needs to be experienced. You can’t stop at one, so you’ll soon find yourself amongst communities of craft beer enthusiasts.

silver pot with hops for making beer
group of men toasting with beer

But isn’t craft beer expensive?

It’s true that a craft beer will cost a bit more than a regular beer at the bar. You’re paying for more than just an alcoholic liquid. You’re paying for talent, and heart.

You might think that drinking craft beer will quickly drain your bank account, but actually the opposite is true. When you order regular beer, it’s weak and easy to drink. You might drink regular beer in the same way that you’d drink a glass of soda. Craft beer should be enjoyed at a slower pace, with smaller sips and more appreciation. With higher alcohol content, you don’t need to get through as much.

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We believe in the craft drink industry, whether that’s beer, wine, spirits, whiskeys and more. Our passion is with those who have their own passion for crafting unique, exceptional drinks.

Craft beers can also be paired with certain foods, adding to the dining experience. These are drinks to savor, not to be rushed on a night out.

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Ready to try a craft beer?

If you’re new to craft beer, the only way to truly understand is to try it. It’s best to find craft beers at breweries and independent bars.

Use the GYDO app to find the best venues, then order your craft beer and pay easily. When you redeem your craft beer at the bar, regular beers will pale in significance.

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