The Best Christmas Gift This Year

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This year has been like none other. If you’ve spent any time locked inside your own home, waiting to be told it is safe to venture out, you’ll know that sometimes there’s nothing you want more than a drink at your favorite bar. If you’re looking for the perfect gifts to buy your friends this Christmas, the GYDO app has you covered. Why GYDO? Well…

Who doesn’t love a drink?

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It doesn’t take a genius to work out that drinks at Christmas are the ideal gift. Everyone loves a refreshing craft beer or delicious glass of wine.

This is just what we all need after an unusual year. A drink is something to look forward to and something to enjoy after the strangest year ever.

It’s easy, no worrying if they will actually like the gift you picked out. It’s a digital gift card for drinks at their favorite bar. It’s that simple.

Order your Christmas gift from anywhere!

You can buy a friend a drink with the GYDO app from across the room or absolutely anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re miles apart and there are travel restrictions in place.

Gift your friend a drink from across the world when you can’t fly over on a plane, or from another city when the latest travel rules mean you can’t just visit for a day.

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Nobody knows what’s ahead right now. Life seems to be changing by the day. One thing that’s reliable is the GYDO app, connect with friends and buy them a drink without standing by their side at the bar.

Support small and local businesses

Small local businesses, like craft breweries and wine bars, have been hit hard by this pandemic. Around the world it’s the smaller businesses that have suffered the most. We don’t believe that’s right, because they’re the businesses that really put the customers first.

For years, those small craft breweries and independent wine bars have worked to provide the best service. They’ve treated you like family, there for you through rain or shine. Now, they need us more than ever.

If you want to support a local winery or brewery, there’s no better way than putting money in their pocket by buying your friend a drink.

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Bring normality back

Life this year has been difficult. There’s no doubt about it! Many people have spent more time than they’d like locked within the walls of their home. We’ve skipped social meetings, events have been cancelled and many people have even had to turn their home into schools. Don’t we all deserve some good news, for once?

Lockdowns and social distancing rules have been the norm this year. As restrictions ease and we start to get back to normal, an evening out with a small group of friends is just a little taste of what’s to come. Human connection is important, and where better for a sensible social get-together than a winery, brewery or tasting room?

Give the gift of the real world this Christmas. It’s waiting, and so are we! Download the GYDO app today. Give a Christmas gift that will raise a smile and we can all cheers to.
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Give the Christmas gift of a glass of wine and you’ll do more than make a friend smile. You’ll help local businesses get back on their feet, or simply survive if they’re really struggling. They need your custom as much as you need a great gift.

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