Breweries Near Me

Up until the release of the GYDO app, there was no way to raise your beer glass high for a toast unless everyone was sitting in the same room together.

Get Your Drink On brings people closer together at least on a digital basis. While you may not have the enjoyment of sitting next to your buddies at the local brewery, you can still share the experience together by buying each other drinks with a few swipes and taps on this amazing app.

Why Send Drinks From a Distance?

Imagine your sister just got a job promotion in New York City while you are sitting at your home in Los Angeles with no way of sharing the great news with her. You would love to join her at her local brewery, but it’s not practical to just hop on a plane and go. With GYDO, you can digitally send her favorite brews directly to her phone from yours. All she has to do is make a payment using her GYDO digital credit card.

What other reasons exist for sending a friend or family member glass of beer or other drink when you cannot see them in person?

Celebrate accomplishments, settle drink debts, make a toast across the pond, or simply treat someone you care about to something delicious; their favorite craft beer at their local brewery.

Sending a drink is simple. Open the app, tap on and address book contact, choose the brewery they visit, send an amount of money to cover their beer, add a message and emojis, and complete the purchase.

Receiving a drink is just as easy. When you get a notification that someone bought you a drink, all you have to do is open up the app, add the drink to your drinks wallet and that is it! Our partnership with Apple and google pay ensures a quick, easy contactless payment solution.



image of several beer mugs

Benefits for Breweries Near Me

There is no doubt that tons of benefits exist for people who use the Get Your Drink On app. When you search for breweries near me to visit, imagine how great it would feel to get a free drink show up on your phone with a message from someone you care about far away.

An increasing number of breweries have started using GYDO because it can greatly increase sales. Before this kind of distance purchasing existed, breweries and wineries had to rely on foot traffic to turn a profit. With the GYDO app, they can tap into a national or even worldwide target audience.

A happy customer is well a customer for life! What could be more satisfying than a delicious glass of beer from a local brewery gifted by a friend in another state or even another country? When anyone can buy a drink and send it to someone sitting at the bar or one of the tables, everyone benefits. We call this a win-win.

As a person visiting a local brewery, you get more than the possibility of free drinks from your friends. The app also allows you to crowdfund drinks for special occasions or congratulations. All of your contacts can chip in and toast you together. Even better, you earn free drinks just by using the app over time. Loyalty rewards make signing up for the GYDO app smart decision.

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