This Drink Could Be Free

Your Next Drink Could Be Free...

GYDO is giving away $10 gift cards which can be used at any winery or brewery that accepts Apple or Google Pay.

(we just want you to try gydo because we know you will love it)

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$10 GYDO Gift Card

1: Download The GYDO App.
2: Enter One Of The 15 Codes Below
3: Create Your GYDO Gift Card
4: Pay For Your Drink Using The GYDO Gift Card

Download GYDO App & Enter Your Drinks Code

(can be used at any venue that accepts Apple or Google Pay)

# 4417199# 7968204
# 6690200# 3070205
# 9661201# 5119206
# 5501202# 8264207
# 8859203# 5834208

With the GYDO Gift Card You Make Payments Just Like Using Apple or Google Pay

See How Easy It Is To Redeem Your GYDO Gift Voucher

About GYDO | Get Your Drink On

Featured in numerous newspapers and magazine articles;
GYDO is changing the way we think about our drink. Gifting your friend a
glass of wine or pint of beer has never been easier. We are simply
connecting wineries and breweries with a global audience of consumers
from anywhere in the world.

What makes GYDO so unique is that
you can gift a drink at any winery or brewery accepting Apple or Google
Pay. Gifting your bestie a drink has never been easier.

Think of GYDO as a social gifting platform where you can buy your bestie a drink at their favorite wineries, breweries or tap rooms anywhere in the world from literally anywhere in the world. (we are all expats fyi)

Ever missed your friends important gathering because of prior commitments? Ever tasted that perfect Rose or Deep Red and wished your bestie was with you?

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