Create Memorable Experiences. Build Deeper Connections With Friends.

The Gift of GYDO

Buy a friend a drink

Surprise a friend with a drink waiting for them at their local brewery or winery!

Redeem a drink

Simply show your QR code to the server and redeem your drink!

Crowdfund a drink

Hit up your friends on the GYDO community to buy you a drink!

Earn free drinks

Join the loyalty rewards program at your favorite venues and start earning free drinks.


Gift your friends a drink at their favorite winery or brewery.

GYDO is a simply a better way to buy a friend a drink.

GYDO connect with your friends around the globe and with venue’s who want to earn your business. Buy a friend a drink. Buy yourself a drink. Take advantage of nearby offers. Even crowdfund a drink!
Life happens, and we can’t always physically be present for some of life’s greatest moments. When you join the GYDO community, you can share your moments with your friends across the globe. View your friends feeds and share in the party anywhere in the world.
I am actually getting more drinks from friends than buying drinks with Get Your Drink On. Cashing in on my sports bets is so so easy now with GYDO. I tend to win more than I lose. What a great way to have some friendly banter with mates around the world!
Charles Goodie
I am currently studying in San Francisco far away from my bfs. I always miss their birthdays due to studies. Now I buy them a drink with Get Your Drink On. It makes our FT so much better.
Aurora Zem
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One time offers, drink incentives, loyalty rewards, 
crowdfund a drink, connect, socialize,
and create new memories!
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