Why Wine is a Fantastic Gift

Will they want a pair of socks? Is that their favorite type of novel? Do they even enjoy baking at all?

Buying a gift for someone you know can feel like an impossible task. Then, there are people you don’t know too well but still want to buy something for. It’s no wonder gift buying makes some people anxious and leaves them confused and feeling lost!

Engagement Gifts

man proposing to a woman

Two years ago, my best friend got engaged. At the time, I was living in the UAE and she was in California. Naturally, as a good friend, I wanted to buy her a bottle of Champagne at her favorite beach front bar to celebrate her engagement. So, I called the bar and asked them to let me pay over the phone for a bottle of Champagne up front, and then wait for her to come in and collect it. That didn’t work for them, plus it was a security issue giving my credit card info over the phone. In the end, I had to wait till I got back to California, several months later, physically go to the bar, buy a gift card, and then give the gift card to my friend. Although we were still able to celebrate the engagement, and the gift was appreciated, the timing was off. This got me to thinking, there has to be an easier way to do this. This is why we created GYDO

3 women in white pouring champagne

How many times do you read a friend’s status update on social media and said/think, “Congrats, let’s celebrate and get a drink!” But, because of time constraints, family obligations, distance, work, or just plain life gets in the way, you don’t actually get to buy your friend celebratory drink. 

There are plenty of reasons to celebrate and buy a friend a drink: Birthdays, weddings, pregnancy announcements (you can still buy the mom a drink for after the baby is born, she is going to need it) birth announcements, new job, promotions, graduations (for the parent of the kid graduating – they deserve it),  Christmas, Hanukah, the list could go on.

Looking for an engagement present your friends will truly enjoy? Buy the happy couple a bottle of champagne, from anywhere in the world, with the new GYDO app.

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How it Works

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How it works: GYDO works as a digital gift card that is stored in your apple or google pay wallet. Simply pay your bar tab by opening your apple pay wallet, selecting your black GYDO gift card, and hold your phone over the touchless payment reader. It’s that simple.

If you have $30 on your GYDO gift card, and the bill is $40, ask the bar tender to split the tab, just like they would do if you wanted to pay with two credit cards. It’s that simple.  And don’t forget to tip your bartenders.