COVID-19: We Are Here To Help Breweries, Wineries, Taprooms, Tasting Rooms, and Craft Drink Makers in 2020

Are you a Winery, Brewery or Tasting Room?

* Join GYDO & offer patrons digital gift cards with no upfront costs.

* With GYDO, patrons can order online with Apple Pay or Google Pay. Avoid manual credit card processing during COVID-19

* Join our almost daily Virtual Wine Tours, Meet The Brewer events & generate sales.

* The GYDO platform is a gift sharing platform where friends can buy friends drinks and to-go orders.

GYDO FB Live Event

Everyone in the service industry is hurting. The sudden closures and loss of income is devastating. Now is the time to think outside of the box. We need to come together and find creative ways to adjust as we figure out what will be the new norm. GYDO is offering free digital gift cards on the GYDO app for our partner venues. We are also hosting a series of digital happy hour events for venues to connect with their customers, share their stories and promote their craft drinks we all know and love. 

Switching To Online Orders?

Curbside pickup and to-go orders are the only available option for customers and business owners. However, this still does not solve what we, as human beings, really want during this time of isolation – to connect with others and share in life’s moments. 

image of 3 women toasting with champagne glasses

Everyone is actively looking for new and spontaneous ways to connect.

red and white wine in glasses held together in toast

Virtual happy hours are how people are staying connected 

This is where we can help!

GYDO is now hosting almost daily virtual happy hour and tasting events with our partner wineries and breweries.  

Did you know that 80% of audiences would rather watch a live video from a brand than read a blog post, and 82% would rather interact with a live video than a social post from a brand? With everyone stuck at home, now is the perfect time to reach your customers on social media. Our live broadcasting service increases your sales closing ability.

 Virtual Happy Hours – Virtual Wine Tastings – Meet the Brewers – Meet the Wine Makers – Flash Sales – Special Deals & more…

The GYDO Partnership Benefits:


Issue Digital Gift Cards (with no extra fees) Receive orders from new customers Encourage friends to buy each other beer & wine to go Create online buzz and recognition for your brand.
Connect with your customers on a more intimate level Reach a new audience  Increase your online sales Connect with a global audience of consumers

Need online gift cards?

A Little Bit About GYDO

 As a startup with a passion for wineries and breweries, we feel it is speaks to the very core of our mission to find a way to support our venues during this time of uncertainty. It has never been about the money for us. As a policy, GYDO has never charged a service fee to our venues. The money we collect for drink (and now gift card) purchases goes directly to the venues, and, in most cases, the funds are received immediately. If the drink is not redeemed the venue still retain the money. 


  • The GYDO Mission 
  • To help wineries & breweries connect with a world wide audience, to increase their sales. 
  • To help individuals create stronger relationships with friends & family all over the world, by buying each other a drink

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