Get Your Winery | Brewery Completely Contactless

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Contactless Ordering For Wineries or Breweries Currently Accepting Square Payments

* Covid-19 Compliant

* 100% Completely Free

(Standard Square transaction fees apply)

To Get Started All You Need Is An Active Square Merchant Account

Why Contactless Ordering

No More Printed Menus

Customers simply scan the QR code to view and order directly from your Square catalogue on the GYDO app.

No More Credit Card Handling

Your staff are exposed to potential Covid issues with the handling of credit cards.

Improve Productivity

A simplified process means an increase in turn over and sales

Offer Table Service

Allow customers to order directly from their table. Slow the spread of Covid by encouraging less customer movement.

Better Customer Experience

Your customers stay seated with their friends creating a better customer experience.

No More Pens

No more "clean" and "dirty" pens with this service

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How Does It Work

About GYDO | Get Your Drink On App

We love socializing. We love wine. We love craft beer.
We miss our friends and family all over the world!

And that is why we created GYDO | Get Your Drink On.

Think of GYDO as a social gifting platform where you can buy your bestie a drink at their favorite wineries, breweries or tasting rooms anywhere in the world.

Why Do We Offer Contactless Ordering For FREE With GYDO?

The answer is really simple.  Our passion lies with craft breweries and boutique wineries. Our goal is to increase revenue sales by creating a platform where wineries and breweries can tap into a global audience of consumers.

With the onset of Covid, we realized the immediate challenges facing this industry and we wanted to do something about it. Our software architecture is incredibly robust and creating a contactless solution seemed like the right thing to do.

Intuitive ... Quick ... Easy ... Venue Interface

Specifically Designed For Your Winery or Brewery

Gift A Friend A Drink
With GYDO your customers can buy their friends drinks at your venue from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Generate a passive income when friends buy friends drinks to celebrate birthdays, engagements, job promotions and more.

Contactless Ordering
Avoid excess human interaction during the ordering process. A complete end to end promising a better customer experience.

My Drinks Wallet
Drinks bought by friends for use at a later date. Always available and ready to use.

Ordering Should Be Painless & Covid FREE

From the comfort of their table, customers simply selects their table number, orders from your Square drinks catalogue, and pays directly on the GYDO app.

Customer tracks their order via “push notifications”.

Venue gets instant drinks notification and funds are immediately deposited into the Venues Square POS.

All ordering is tracked via Square POS (nothing changes).

Venues have access to customer insights for better marketing initiatives.

Simple Contactless Payment

Customers complete their experience with a contactless payment solution.

Connect Your Venue To A Global Audience Of Consumers

With GYDO | Get Your Drink On you can create a truly global brand and earn passive income 24.7.365.

Customers can celebrate with their friends all over the world by buying drinks at your venue to celebrate life’s important moments.

Increase your digital foot print. Customers want an experience when visiting your venue.  With GYDO, friends can join in on the fun from anywhere in the world.

With GYDO you have access to reach your customers via our built in email service or push notification option.

Over 5000 Locations & Counting...

Customers use the GYDO app to purchase drinks at over 5000 locations in the USA. Get Your venue ready to accept GYDO and tap into a global audience of consumers.

GYDO integrates with any POS system that accepts Apple or Google Pay, avoiding inventory and control issues.

Customers simply select their friend from their address book, find your location and purchase a GYDO digital gift card that can be redeemed at any winery, brewery or tasting room that accepts Apple or Google pay.

The customer’s friend receives the notification and the funds are instantly available in their digital wallet.

Your customer completes the purchase using a GYDO digital gift card compatible with Apple and Google Pay.

It Really Is That Simple!

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