How Wineries, Breweries, Taprooms & Restaurants Are Tapping Into A Global Audience & Increasing Sales.

At GYDO, we are reinventing the way wineries and breweries think about customer
acquisition, loyalty programs and digital marketing campaigns.

Imagine if you could increase your venue’s income while attracting more foot traffic?

With GYDO, you can do more than just imagine it! GYDO instantly connects your venue to a global audience of consumers. Now people from all over the world can buy drinks at your venue.

Simply put, we’ve digitized the universal concept of buying your friend a beer.

Tap into a global audience of consumers.

With GYDO, anyone, anywhere, can buy a friend a drink at your venue. Build your customer list by simply doing what you do best – pouring drinks!

Increase your social media presence.

Each time a drink is bought, sold, redeemed or even crowdfunded at your venue, the transaction is automatically posted on various social media channels.

Complete Back-end Solution

Monitor your sales. Change your offers. Manage your customers. Promote your brand. A complete back-end solution to manage your GYDO business. All this at absolutely no cost to you.

Get new customers by creating a one time offer.

Improve your customers experience when they use GYDO to buy themselves a drink.

Keep existing customers by offering an on-going loyalty rewards program.

Create lasting memories by encouraging “crowdfunding” for drinks.


Our goal is to create a simplified process of buying a friend a drink from anywhere in the world.
All you need to get started is an active Facebook fan page.

Our partnership with Apple & Google Pay ensures that GYDO can be used at any venue accepting Apple or Google Pay. By creating a GYDO profile, as a venue you gain valuable customers insights and have access to an outreach program.

GYDO-how does it work

Is Your Venue Not Yet Apple | Google Pay Ready?

Our Strategic Partnership With Square Is Just For You.
1: Simply Signup As A New Venue & Authenticate Your Square Credentials And That Is All You Need To Do.

2: The User Will Review Your Square Drinks Catalogue And Select A Drink For Purchase.

3: Venue Will Receive A Push Notification That A Purchase Was Made.

4: The User Will Show A QR Code To Your Server. Server SCANS The QR Code & Dispenses The Drink.

5: The Funds Will Be Deposited Directly Into Your Bank Account.

For Our International Customers In South African We Have Partnered With Zippo & Snap Scan

Redeeming A Drink Without Apple or Google Pay Is Super Easy

A 4 Digit Venue PIN ID Explained

A Simple QR Scan Code Process

GYDO Venue Requirements:

With GYDO there is no cost to join, no hidden fees and your funds are deposited immediately into your bank account. All you need is a FaceBook fan page to get started.

No Cash – No Cards – No Change – No Fuss


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