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Have you ever wanted to buy your friend a drink, to celebrate something exciting… but you were not physically be in the same place?

This is why we created GYDO 

As two expats living far from home, we grew tired of missing out on life’s big, and small, moments with our friends and family.  We wanted to do more than just like post or wish someone happy birthday on social media. We wanted to join the celebration and buy our friends a drink. 

Meet the GYDO Team

Ryan Williams 

Ryan Williams is a South African entrepreneur living in Carpinteria, CA , a beer enthusiast, and co-founder of GYDO

Before launching GYDO, Williams spent the past 20 years in the biotech space where he held a range of leadership roles that included biofeedback device training, distribution and manufacturing and biofeedback mobile app development. He brings a unique blend of skills and experience to the mobile app industry.

Williams was inspired to create GYDO when celebrating his nephew’s 21st birthday in California, his sister in South Africa was not able to buy her son a drink at the bar for his birthday. 

Rachel H. van Gorp 

Rachel H. van Gorp is a mom, first-time entrepreneur, globetrotter and co-founder of GYDO.

Originally from Santa Barbara, California, van Gorp left her previous career to follow her Dutch husband to UAE where they lived for 6 years. With friends and family located all over the world, van Gorp was constantly missing out on birthdays, engagements, graduations and other special moments. Frustrated with not being able to celebrate with her loved ones from afar, van Gorp teamed up with her friend and fellow expat, Ryan Williams, to create GYDO as a meaningful way for users to make up for those moments that cannot be attended in person.